Monday, August 9, 2010

Perry Greets Obama With Request For 1,000 More Deployed To Border

Another reason to love Texas. They don't give a crap. The Governor met the President at the airport not only to welcome him, but to get right to the point - they need more troops on the border to help secure it. Then he was basically on his way. On a side note, the Democratic nominee who is running against Gov. Perry in the primary is no where to be seen. I think this person got the idea that if the President is seen with you or campaigns for you, it will most likely cost you a chance at victory. Hope the strategy pays off but I doubt it. Perry is a good person.

Daily Caller: Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry, donning a tan suit and cowboy boots, welcomed President Obama to the Lone Star State today with a hearty handshake on a Texas tarmac. But that’s not all the Republican had for the president.

After greeting Obama at Austin Bergstrom International Airport Monday morning, Perry pulled a letter from his suit pocket and handed it to presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett — who was right behind the president — warning the president about the “dire threat amassing on our southern border,” and asking for 1,000 more National Guard troops to be stationed along the Texas border.

In the letter, provided by the governor’s office, Perry said that since 2006, the drug cartels have killed 28,000 people. “Absent stronger federal action, it’s only a matter of time before that violence affects more innocent Americans,” he wrote.

While the Obama administration plans to send 1,200 National Guard troops to the southwest border, Perry said, the less than 300 personnel expected in Texas is “clearly insufficient.”

“The need for border security along the Rio Grande should no longer be underestimated by the federal government, Mr. President,” Perry wrote. “An unsecured border is a threat to our national security and to the safety and security of all our citizens.”

Perry also renewed a standing request for Obama, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Defense Secretary Robert Gates to meet with him and his staff about the issue.

White House spokesman Bill Burton, speaking with the reporters traveling with the president on Air Force One before Perry greeted Obama, said Obama has no plans to hold a lengthy discussion with Perry on the issue during today’s trip.

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