Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On A Serious Note

As an animal lover, no one should abuse their animals ever. Today I saw a disturbing act by my neighbor. Here's the story:

About 2 hours ago, I was in the kitchen near my computer and I hear my neighbor again in the house next to me, yelling at his dogs once again. This guy is always yelling at something - people on the phone, his girlfriend, and especially his animals - and he always does it outside. Plus he thinks he tough like every other tool out there who wears their "Tapout" or "Assliction" tees.

Well this time, I went over to the blinds and saw him yell "Bad Dog! Don't ever do that again!".

He then took the leach that was on this little brown Chihuahua he has (he has another dog and it looks like a bulldog), wrapped it around it's neck, pulled on it and then lifted the dog about 5 feet in the air to about where the dog and he were almost eye level then dropped the dog. That dog was basically strangling for about 3-4 seconds. He then yells at it again - "Bad Dog! Don't ever do that again!" - and goes inside then back outside and that is when I got worried and mad.

I first called my Mom cause I had never seen that before and it was pretty disturbing. I called my bro for back-up because I was going to go over there and confront him but then logic stepped in and I called my friend at the Sheriff's Department. He didn't even hesitate and told me to call the police because I was an eyewitness to animal abuse and it needs to be reported.

I called the local police and they said they would send a car over right away. The police then called me twice to ask for my story and to verify the address. After about a half hour, I looked through the blinds again and saw the cop approach the house.

This policeman didn't even enter the yard. He stood at the gate, knocked on the side of the house and waited for the guy to come outside. My neighbor then comes outside. He and the cop b.s. for a minute, then he goes inside, gets the dog I saw him abuse, the cop looks at it, they b.s. for a couple of more minutes and then leaves. Looks like to me, this cop didn't want to get his hands dirty.

I have no idea what was said and I haven't heard back from the local police, but people like my neighbor, needs to taught a lesson in animal care. That was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen anyone do to an animal and no one should ever do that. Please never do that.

What a piece of shit.

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