Monday, August 30, 2010

Health And Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Is Calling For “Reeducation” On Obamacare.

Yes, please "reeducate" us on Obamacare. I'd really like to hear your version of it. We already know it includes a ton of new taxes, mandates, fines, will hurt small businesses, the elderly, and just about everything else. I can't afford private insurance right now, I don't even qualify for Medi-Cal and I'm unemployed currently. So how is this going to make things better?

ABC NEWS: With a number of polls showing a sustained level of opposition to the Democrats’ health care reform efforts more than five months after passage, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the Obama administration has “a lot of reeducation to do” heading into the midterms.

While some surveys – namely the Kaiser Family Foundation monthly tracking poll – have suggested an uptick in support for the reforms, most other surveys continue to show a steady level of opposition to the new law that remains higher than the favorable opinions of it.

“Unfortunately, there still is a great deal of confusion about what is in [the reform law] and what isn’t,” Sebelius told ABC News Radio in an interview Monday.

With several vulnerable House Democrats touting their votes against the bill, and Republicans running on repeal, Sebelius said “misinformation given on a 24/7 basis” has led to the enduring opposition nearly six months after the lengthy debate ended in Congress.

“So, we have a lot of reeducation to do,” Sebelius said.

The administration is particularly concerned about the views of senior citizens – who “have been a target of a lot of the misinformation,” according to the health secretary.

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