Friday, August 13, 2010

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann On Democrats’ Desperate Dirty Tricks To Stay In Power – Video

Just amazing and pathetic for Democrats as I have said many times and I will say many times more. Watch this video.

Here is video of Minnesota GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann talking to Sean Hannity about the desperation Democrats are feeling as the November Elections draw near, and the dirty politics they are resorting to in order to try and hang on to power.

Bachmann said the Democrats are using deception to try and “divide and conquer” by driving wedges within the Tea Party movement. Leftist “plants” have infiltrated Tea Party Events and posed as Tea Party supporters with racist signs to try and discredit the movement.

She also blasted Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for giving huge sums of Taxpayer dollars to Public Employee Unions, who then in turn skim 10% or more in dues off the top, which is donated to pay for the Election Campaigns of Democrat candidates.

via Freedom's Lighthouse

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