Monday, August 9, 2010

Global Warming Believers Love This One. Moscow Experiences Worst Heat Wave In 1,000 Years

"Muscovites Flee Worst Heat in 1,000 Years; Death Rate Doubles." Thousands of Muscovites are fleeing the city "to beat the heat."

The story's title is not supported by the news story itself. There is no mention of how anyone determined this is the "worst heat in 1,000 years," a pretty neat trick since the mercury thermometer wasn't even invented until 1714, though there are complicated ways to estimate prior temperatures, e.g. boring trees and analyzing tree rings, taking ice core samples, etc.

And what is this terrible heat? 35.5° C, which translates to 95.9° F. That's a fairly normal temperature for summertime across the USA, especially in August, so what's the big deal? On July 29, Moscow experienced its "highest temperature ever" ("ever" is not defined, but records go back to 1879), 38.2° C, or 101° F. Again, 101 isn't an extraordinary temperature, though it is higher than Moscow's usual summer temperatures, which often top 86 °F. Of course, usual temperatures are not affected by extensive wild fires as is the case today.

The real reason the death rate has doubled in Moscow, to 700 per day, is that the city's air pollution is horrible, with high levels of carbon monoxide and smoke from extensive wild fires. That is also the real reason so many are fleeing the city: smoke is hard to breath.

These dramatic headlines are part of the global warming agenda of big, liberal newspaper chains: to insinuate into the public mind that earth temperatures are soaring, so people can remember man-made global warming hysteria, put 2 and 2 together and get 5. We are being programmed.

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