Friday, August 13, 2010

Democrats Call Winning A Democratic Primary A "Breakthrough" And Accuse The Tea Party Of Using "Insurgents"

When I read this, I laughed at 2 things. First one was the fact that the article was mentioning how a DEMOCRAT won a DEMOCRATIC primary. The second was the fact that they called it a victory because they accused the Tea Party and GOP of using political "insurgents" to try and derail that campaign. The Dems have become so pathetic lately. Just because your party is hanging by a thread and you are so disenfranchised with most of America, you have used this kind of excuse. Also, haven't the Democrats and Liberals been using their own "insurgents" for some time now trying to make the GOP and especially the Tea Party look stupid and especially Racist but to no avail??

LA Times: The White House and national Democrats were quick to celebrate Wednesday what they saw as a breakthrough in an otherwise bleak political year, with President Obama's preferred candidate winning a key primary test in Colorado and Republican voters choosing "tea party"-backed insurgents over the GOP's recruited candidates.

"Last night's elections … were nothing but good news for the Democratic Party," White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said.

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