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Monday's Political Funnies!

SEIU Misspells "American Dream" At Rally

Like I said before, Unions are one of the reasons (in my opinion) why America is tanking. They have all that money and backing from the President and it still can't help the SEIU from putting together a proper counter rally and a sign that doesn't make them look stupid. Looks like whomever made that sign and signed off on it didn't pay attention in school. Dream a little harder next time, maybe you'll learn to spell.

A picture is worth a thousand words...

h/t Big Government

Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" Rally Recap

I heard this was a great success and that approximately 87,000 people showed up. I even heard the Smithsonian wanted artifacts from the rally in the museum. I did notice that on t.v. and some headlines, that newspapers and the MSM seemed to put down the rally, really focused a lot of effort on the actual number of attendees (see Yahoo!/AP story here) and said that it wasn't racist, it wasn't a Tea Party, and there was no violence but yet they still couldn't grasp why this was held and some were still crying foul that it was scheduled and held at the same place on the same date as MLK Jr's "I have a dream speech". The left's favorite target Sarah Palin was there, Tony LaRussa, Albert Puljos and lots of others were there and spoke. Everything that I could gather and searched, it all seemed a great event and I wish I could had been there. I'm a huge fan of history and facts and I love America.

Via Flopping Aces
The question on the minds of millions of Americans this morning: How many people attended Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ rally yesterday in our nations’ capitol?

The answer to this question has ramifications far beyond mere crowd size. It is one of the few concrete indicators of the popularity and viability of the Tea Party and their message of traditional values, less government and a return to our Founders’ vision of America.

The New York Times described the crowd merely as “enormous and impassioned.” ABC was more specific, estimating the attendance at Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally in the “hundreds of thousands.” AP chimed in at “tens of thousands.”

Whether the attendance was 300,000 or one million, (you decide) the huge crowd gathered to hear conservative commentator Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin and other notables, offered a compelling contrast to another rally being held across town held by Al Sharpton.

An estimated 3,000, most of whom were African-Americans, attended a rally/march hosted by Al Sharpton to commemorate the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech. Sharpton railed against the Tea Party as he informed the crowd that MLK’s dream “has not been achieved.”

The fact that America has elected a black president didn’t seem to faze Sharpton as he trotted out his familiar message of black oppression. Sharpton’s solution? Support Obama’s latest money grab, appealingly entitled a “jobs bill.’ Yawn.

Jesse Jackson, who arbitrarily claimed the sole right to speak for Dr. Martin Luther King, was aghast that Glenn Beck dared to infringe on his territory. Jackson told CNN that Beck was mimicking King and “humiliating the tradition.”

NAACP President Benjamin Todd Jealous followed up, castigating the message of the Glenn Beck rally across town. “For a year and a half, we’ve been subjected to small hearts and small minds on our small screens,” he said, referring to conservative ideas.

Meanwhile, Martin Luther King’s niece, Dr. Alveda King, offered a different message at the Glenn Beck rally. A message of hope and an appeal to honor.

The message of the Restoring Honor rally was more religious than political, with many speakers openly professing their Christian faith, including Beck. Obama’s name wasn’t mentioned once in the 200 minutes of speeches. And the Mall was left spic and span.

Sharpton’s “Reclaim the Dream” rally offered a telling contrast. Both in terms of size and in terms of the message. This contrast is good news for America. A portent that the much abused race card may, finally, be losing its potency. An indication that millions of Americans value character, honor and God over racial politics.

The times, they are a changin’. For years, race hustlers have tried to keep the race card alive. After all, white guilt has proved very lucrative for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the segment of the black population that seek to divide Americans by race.

What does it say about Sharpton’s message when one contrasts the 3,000 attendees to the hundreds of thousands of people across town at the Beck rally who were focused on honor as opposed to the color of one’s skin?

This is good news, America. Good news that may signal a death knell for racial and grievance politics and, hopefully, a return to basic American values that are shared by all Americans, regardless of their color.

Who knows, maybe one day soon Al Sharpton may have to go out and get a real job. And maybe one day soon, our elected officials will recognize that America is still a Christian nation. Hope springs eternal.

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US Birth Rate Drops To Lowest Level In A Century

The 2009 US birth rate was the lowest in 100 years and those who keep up with such things think the Great Recession may be playing a major role. Starting or growing families may have been put on the back burner as jobs have been lost, incomes have declined, and many other negative economic factors have unfortunately led to the decline of US children being born.

The National Center for Health Stats released a report that showed despite the fact that the US population grew, US births decreased by 2.9%. The country hasn’t seen a decline in the birth rate like this since 1930 when the US was in the middle of the Great Depression.

Interestingly, 2007 was a record year for birth rate in America. More children were born during 2007 than any other year in the country’s history. The recession began at the end of 2007.

It looks as if the correlation between the great recession and US birth rate being the lowest in a century is undeniable. Sure, there are many factors that can contribute to lower birth rates. Career choices, women wanting to wait longer before having children, but economic factors seem to out weigh the others by far. Not everyone looks at having children as a financial decision, but it would appear that the vast majority do.

Also depressing is the fact that European countries are all experiencing an increase in birth rates. England, France and Germany are all experiencing an increase in birth rates. We seem to be headed the way of Japan in the 1990’s when they experienced a deep recession and a major decline in birth rate.

Some may thank the great recession for giving us the lowest US birth rate in a century. We know how a lot of liberals feel about population control and especially the US population. This is just another byproduct of liberal economic policies that are not only destroying the economy but are also hindering our ability as people to grow as well.

Via Right Pundits

TSA Screeners Relaxing On The Job. They Let 2 Men Carrying "Mock" Bombs Proceed On Their Flight To Amsterdam

Wow the rules and screeners are relaxing again on the job. Despite carrying items that you aren't allowed to have on a plane, including "mock" bombs, they still let these two men board and go internationally on their flight. Were the screeners worried about being accused of racial profiling? Can’t you be arrested at an airport for joking about carrying a bomb? I don't think you can even say the word "bomb" in an airport. If so, isn’t carrying pretend bombs even worse? Looks like we need to have another overhaul and start hiring competent people instead of the fat and lazy ones I've seen at the airport and at the courthouse. At least the Dutch are doing their job keeping themselves save. Jesus...

ABC News: Two men taken off a Chicago-to-Amsterdam United Airlines flight in the Netherlands have been charged by Dutch police with "preparation of a terrorist attack," U.S. law enforcement officials tell ABC News.

U.S. officials said the two appeared to be traveling with what were termed "mock bombs" in their luggage. "This was almost certainly a dry run, a test," said one senior law enforcement official.

A spokesman for the Dutch public prosecutor, Ernst Koelman, confirmed the two men were arrested this morning and said "the investigation is ongoing." He said the arrests were made "at the request of American authorities."

The two were allowed to board the flight at O'Hare airport last night despite security concerns surrounding one of them, the officials said.

The men were identified as Ahmed Mohamed Nasser al Soofi, of Detroit, MI, and Hezem al Murisi, the officials said. A neighbor of al Soofi told ABC News he is from Yemen.

Airport security screeners in Birmingham, Alabama first stopped al Soofi and referred him to additional screening because of what officials said was his "bulky clothing."

In addition, officials said, al Soofi was found to be carrying $7,000 in cash and a check of his luggage found a cell phone taped to a Pepto-Bismol bottle, three cell phones taped together, several watches taped together, a box cutter and three large knives. Officials said there was no indication of explosives and he and his luggage were cleared for the flight from Birmingham to Chicago O'Hare.

Once in Chicago, officials say they learned al Soofi checked his luggage on a flight to Washington's Dulles airport for connections on flights to Dubai and then Yemen, even though he did not board the flight himself.

Instead, officials say, al Soofi was joined by the second man, Al Murisi, and boarded the United flight from Chicago to Amsterdam.

When Customs and Border officials learned al Soofi was not on the flight from Dulles to Dubai, the plane was ordered to return to the gate so his luggage could be removed. Officials said additional screening found no evidence of explosives.

The two men were detained by Dutch authorities when the United flight landed in Amsterdam, according to the officials.

Health And Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius Is Calling For “Reeducation” On Obamacare.

Yes, please "reeducate" us on Obamacare. I'd really like to hear your version of it. We already know it includes a ton of new taxes, mandates, fines, will hurt small businesses, the elderly, and just about everything else. I can't afford private insurance right now, I don't even qualify for Medi-Cal and I'm unemployed currently. So how is this going to make things better?

ABC NEWS: With a number of polls showing a sustained level of opposition to the Democrats’ health care reform efforts more than five months after passage, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said the Obama administration has “a lot of reeducation to do” heading into the midterms.

While some surveys – namely the Kaiser Family Foundation monthly tracking poll – have suggested an uptick in support for the reforms, most other surveys continue to show a steady level of opposition to the new law that remains higher than the favorable opinions of it.

“Unfortunately, there still is a great deal of confusion about what is in [the reform law] and what isn’t,” Sebelius told ABC News Radio in an interview Monday.

With several vulnerable House Democrats touting their votes against the bill, and Republicans running on repeal, Sebelius said “misinformation given on a 24/7 basis” has led to the enduring opposition nearly six months after the lengthy debate ended in Congress.

“So, we have a lot of reeducation to do,” Sebelius said.

The administration is particularly concerned about the views of senior citizens – who “have been a target of a lot of the misinformation,” according to the health secretary.

Read more on ABC News

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Happy Sunday!

I'm ready to BBQ today. Got a few friends coming over, going to take advantage of the weather and relax for a couple of hours. You should do the same!

Have a great day!

- Trigger

Gallup Poll Shows Obama's Approval Rating With Muslims At An All Time High - 78%

Of course he has high approval ratings with Muslims. He probably is one and ever since he has gotten into office, especially in the last couple months with this Ground Zero Mosque issue, he has pleased those idiots in any way he can.

Gallup story here

CNS News: While President Barack Obama’s overall approval rating averaged 48 percent for the first seven months of 2010, it was 78 percent among Muslim Americans, according to the Gallup Poll. That gave the president a higher approval rating among Muslims than among any other religious category reported by the poll.

Members of other non-Christian religions (not including Judaism) gave Obama his second highest approval rating at 64 percent, according to Gallup, and people who described themselves as having no religion, or being agnostics, or atheists gave Obama a 63 percent approval rating.

Mormons gave Obama his lowest approval rating among the religious groups reported by Gallup. In the first seven months of 2010, only 24 percent said they approved of the job Obama was doing. He ranked next lowest among Protestant Americans, who gave him a 43 percent approval rating, then Catholic Americans, who gave him a 50 percent approval rating, and then Jewish Americans, who gave him a 61 percent approval rating.

Despite President Obama’s high approval rating of 78 percent among Muslim Americans during the first seven months of 2010 that was nonetheless still not as high as the approval ratings the president won from Muslim Americans last year. In the first half of 2009, Muslim Americans gave Obama an approval rating of 86 percent. In the second half of 2009, they gave him an approval rating of 83 percent. In all three periods, President Obama's approval rating among Muslim Americans was higher than among any of the other religous groups reported by the Gallup survey.

The latest survey, in which Muslim Americans gave President Obama an approval rating of 78 percent, was completed on July 31, before the president gave a speech at the White House on Aug. 13 defending the right of Muslims to build a mosque in lower Manhattan.

Sharia Law Comes To NYC - Ground Zero Mosque May Get Tax Exempt Public Funds

Read more on this blog - Infidel Bloggers Alliance. They go more in depth on this story and another example of how stupid our government has gotten and trying to be all nice to these idiots. And they may get public financing for a project a mass majority of Americans don't want built? Not to mention it's all about Sharia Law too. How f'd up is that? What a slap in the face of America and all the innocent victims of 9/11.

Via Maggie's Notebook

The Retuers headline: "Ground Zero Muslim Center may get public financing," even though the project developer says the facility will hold "1,000 worshippers." Developers are hoping to raise $70 million in tax-exempt debt and the city of New York is considering tax-exempts bonds. Shariah law requires the mosque to built with no interest payments. How does all this come together? Will New Yorkers provide Shariah Compliant Financing for their Muslim residents, not for a mosque, but for a community center? Shariah finance succeeds where terrorism fails?

5 Years Ago - Hurricane Katrina Hit

I feel bad for these people and that area. They have been hit by two big disasters in a 5 year span (Katrina and the oil spill). Though they have lost 1/4 of their population because people don't want to move back after being displaced, the city still has it's spirit and attitude in place which is good to have.

A category 5 hurricane, 80% of the city under water, people living in the Superdome until help was able to get there, billions in damage, thousands displaced, holy crap. Read more about it on Wikipedia

I am going to offer some criticism on this though too. Why is it that on a drop of a dime, we can be anywhere in the world and help everyone else, but we couldn't get anyone out there within hours of the hurricane passing? If our infrastructure goes (which it is starting to do), we're screwed. I'd hate to see how the Feds respond if a huge quake hits California again.

Where did all the money go? It seemed out of all the money raised and pledged for victims and rebuilding, half was already used up and no one knows where it went before anything was dispersed out to the people.

I don't like the way former President Bush was demonized for this and jackasses like Kanye West said that Bush didn't care for blacks that's why it happened the way it did. That's just stupidity. You can see where his career has gone now. Obama took almost twice as long to respond to the oil spill and that lasted over 60 days before it was capped off. The MSM gave him a free pass.

I remember briefly living in Houston and I went to Galveston and Crystal Beach and took some pictures. Galveston looked ok, but there was nothing left on Crystal Beach. Lots of rubble, water and hardly anyone living or rebuilding on the island.

Anyways, read some of the stories below and look at pictures and slide show on those sites. God bless and God Bless America!

Yahoo!/AP: New Orleans today is once again the vibrant, multicultural city of legend, hustling and bustling with seafood festivals, Mardi Gras celebrations, spicy foods and live music echoing from almost every street corner. But five years ago, it was a city of despair and destroyed buildings submerged under 12 feet of water, much like most of the Gulf Coast hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Katrina was the most destructive and costly natural disaster in U.S. history, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The National Hurricane Center (NHC) reported that the Category 5 hurricane killed a total of 1,833 people across five states, damaged more than 420,000 houses, and forced 1.2 million people to evacuate their homes.

Winds up to 135 mph tore off rooftops and four breached levees sent water gushing into the surrounding cities. Data from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers reported that coastal cities suffered from 28-foot waves that penetrated six miles inland.

News helicopters captured images of desperate families stranded on islands of rooftops waiting to be rescued, while less flooded areas became rampant with looting and violence .

The damage cost an estimated $84.6 billion in insured losses, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA). Thousands of people lost family members, friends, jobs, homes, and businesses.

But five years later , the recovery has come a long way, with the combined effort of aid organizations, the federal government, and volunteers.

In New Orleans, average wages have grown 14 percent in the past five years, according to “The New Orleans Index at Five,” a report by the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center. It’s the first time wages have caught up to the national average since the 1980s.

The report found that more people are starting new businesses, surpassing the national average for the first time in a decade, and there has been significant growth in knowledge-based industries.

By 2009, jobs in higher education surpassed shipbuilding and heavy construction and engineering to become the fourth-largest economic driver in the metropolitan area, the report stated. The median household income has grown, as well as the number of middle- and upper-class families.

Quality of life has also improved. There are more arts and culture nonprofit organizations, and the education overhaul after Katrina has given residents access to better schools. The report also points out improvements in the criminal justice system, better health-care access and more dedication to restoring the environment.

But there is still a long way to go. The local economy continues to lag. The area's top industries, such as tourism, oil and gas, and shipping, have suffered many losses and setbacks, and now must deal with the aftermath of the recent recession and the BP oil spill as well.

According to the report, there are significant gaps in levels of education between racial groups, and the number of suburban poor people has increased to 93,000 compared with 68,000 in the city. Housing costs residents an average 35 percent of their income, and crime rates are well above the national average.

While there is still much to be done to help the Gulf Coast states recover, residents stay resilient. New Orleanians won't let the damage dampen the vitality of their city. The celebrations continue, and the bands play on.

Read some stories here and here from

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Politcal Funnies!

A History Lesson For You

Via America! Oh How We'll Miss You!

Why didn't we learn this in High School? Maybe the Muslims do! Maybe this is just one more reason why they hate America! What do you think?

Democrat Keith Ellison is now officially the first Muslim United States congressman. True to his pledge, he placed his hand on the Quran, the Muslim book of jihad and pledged his allegiance to the United States during his ceremonial swearing-in.

Capitol Hill staff said Ellison's swearing-in photo opportunity drew more media than they had ever seen in the history of the U.S. House. Ellison represents the 5th Congressional District of Minnesota.

The Quran Ellison used was no ordinary book. It once belonged to Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States and one of America's founding fathers. Ellison borrowed it from the Rare Book Section of the Library of Congress. It was one of the 6,500 Jefferson books archived in the library.

Ellison, who was born in Detroit and converted to Islam while in college, said he chose to use Jefferson's Quran because it showed that "a visionary like Jefferson" believed that wisdom could be gleaned from many sources.

There is no doubt Ellison was right about Jefferson believing wisdom could be "gleaned" from the Muslim Quran. At the time Jefferson owned the book, he needed to know everything possible about Muslims because he was about to advocate war against the Islamic "Barbary" states of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Tripoli.

Ellison's use of Jefferson's Quran as a prop illuminates a subject once well-known in the history of the United States, but, which today, is mostly forgotten - the Muslim pirate slavers who over many centuries enslaved millions of Africans and tens of thousands of Christian Europeans and Americans in the Islamic "Barbary" states.

Over the course of 10 centuries, Muslim pirates cruised the African and Mediterranean coastline, pillaging villages and seizing slaves.

The taking of slaves in pre-dawn raids on unsuspecting coastal villages had a high casualty rate. It was typical of Muslim raiders to kill off as many of the "non-Muslim" older men and women as possible so the preferred "booty" of only young women and children could be collected.

Young non-Muslim women were targeted because of their value as concubines in Islamic markets. Islamic law provides for the sexual interests of Muslim men by allowing them to take as many as four wives at one time and to have as many concubines as their fortunes allow.

Boys, as young as 9 or 10 years old, were often mutilated to create eunuchs who would bring higher prices in the slave markets of the Middle East. Muslim slave traders created "eunuch stations" along major African slave routes so the necessary surgery could be performed. It was estimated that only a small number of the boys subjected to the mutilation survived after the surgery.

When American colonists rebelled against British rule in 1776, American merchant ships lost Royal Navy protection. With no American Navy for protection, American ships were attacked and their Christian crews enslaved by Muslim pirates operating under the control of the "Dey of Algiers"--an Islamist warlord ruling Algeria.

Because American commerce in the Mediterranean was being destroyed by the pirates, the Continental Congress agreed in 1784 to negotiate treaties with the four Barbary States. Congress appointed a special commission consisting of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, to oversee the negotiations.

Lacking the ability to protect its merchant ships in the Mediterranean, the new America government tried to appease the Muslim slavers by agreeing to pay tribute and ransoms in order to retrieve seized American ships and buy the freedom of enslaved sailors.

Adams argued in favor of paying tribute as the cheapest way to get American commerce in the Mediterranean moving again. Jefferson was opposed. He believed there would be no end to the demands for tribute and wanted matters settled "through the medium of war." He proposed a league of trading nations to force an end to Muslim piracy.

In 1786, Jefferson, then the American ambassador to France, and Adams, then the American ambassador to Britain, met in London with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the "Dey of Algiers" ambassador to Britain.

The Americans wanted to negotiate a peace treaty based on Congress' vote to appease.

During the meeting Jefferson and Adams asked the Dey's ambassador why Muslims held so much hostility towards America, a nation with which they had no previous contacts.

In a later meeting with the American Congress, the two future presidents reported that Ambassador Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja had answered that Islam "was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise."

For the following 15 years, the American government paid the Muslims millions of dollars for the safe passage of American ships or the return of American hostages. The payments in ransom and tribute amounted to 20 percent of United States government annual revenues in 1800.

Not long after Jefferson's inauguration as president in 1801, he dispatched a group of frigates to defend American interests in the Mediterranean, and informed Congress.

Declaring that America was going to spend "millions for defense but not one cent for tribute," Jefferson pressed the issue by deploying American Marines and many of America's best warships to the Muslim Barbary Coast.

The USS Constitution, USS Constellation, USS Philadelphia, USS Chesapeake, USS Argus, USS Syren and USS Intrepid all saw action.

In 1805, American Marines marched across the desert from Egypt into Tripolitania, forcing the surrender of Tripoli and the freeing of all American slaves.

During the Jefferson administration, the Muslim Barbary States, crumbling as a result of intense American naval bombardment and on shore raids by Marines, finally officially agreed to abandon slavery and piracy.

Jefferson's victory over the Muslims lives on today in the Marine Hymn, with the line, "From the halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli, We fight our country's battles in the air, on land and sea."

It wasn't until 1815 that the problem was fully settled by the total defeat of all the Muslim slave trading pirates.

Jefferson had been right. The "medium of war" was the only way to put and end to the Muslim problem. Mr. Ellison was right about Jefferson. He was a "visionary" wise enough to read and learn about the enemy from their own Muslim book of jihad.

"Miller Time" On America Live Yesterday

Always got to love Dennis Miller and his wacky analogies. But he the main thing is, he actually knows his stuff. I usually watch him on Wednesdays on the O'Reilly Factor for "Miller Time". Check out this video of him on America Live yesterday.

Letterman Says Obama Will Be A "One Term President"

You know you've got a problem when ultra liberal David Letterman takes a swipe at his man-crush and hero President Obama. He predicts he will be a one term President. The jab begins at video mark 3:05 where Letterman says, “He’ll have plenty of time for vacations after his one term is up."

Via No Sheeples Here

Report: ABC News Admits Wrong Doing At Ground Zero Mosque Rally After 'Big Peace Expose’

Another piece of the MSM being exposed trying to make Americans look dumb and blame it on the Tea Party when in fact, one of their own, tried to provoke people at the Ground Zero Mosque proposed site rally. How low journalism has gotten.

Big Peace contributor Andrea Lafferty appeared on the Janet Mefferd Show when she learned about ABC News' official statement admitting that their free-lance employee was guilty of wrongdoing at last Sunday's Ground Zero Mosque demonstration.


AFL-CIO President Will Slams Palin In Union Speech

Richard Trumka, the president of the AFL-CIO, is unloading on Sarah Palin in her own backyard, suggesting that the former GOP vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor is crazy, a hypocrite and on the verge of advocating violence.

Via Roll Call

Iran Bans All Advertisements For Animals

Another reason why they are messed up.

NewsCore: IRAN today banned all advertisements in the country for pets, pet shops, pet food and other pet products, claiming that people’s love for their dogs and cats may lead to “evil outcomes”.

The edict, announced by Iran’s powerful Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, is based on a fatwa issued by Grand Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, 86, a hardliner who lives in Iran’s holy city of Qom.

Declaring dogs in particular to be unclean under Sharia, he condemned Iranian dog owners for “blindly imitating the West” and warned that their infatuation would lead to “evil outcomes”, according to the state-run Mehr news agency.

“Many people in the West love their dogs more than their wives and children,” the Grand Ayatollah declared.

h/t Weasel Zippers

Steve Forbes On President Obama - He Thinks He'll Be On Mount Rushmore & Dems Are Just His Martyrs

Via Freedom's Lighthouse

Here is video of Steve Forbes assessing President Barack Obama and his ideology about as well as I have heard it expressed.

Forbes contends Obama is “ideologically-driven,” and that he believes he will be remembered as a “great President” for the things he has already done. He said that in Obama’s “semi-socialist mind,” that’s pretty good work for the first two years.

Here is how Forbes summarized Obama’s thinking:

“He feels that, in terms of what he’s done, long-term it will make him a great President – put him on Mount Rushmore – change America from a greedy nation to a quiet socialist nation that knows its place in the world. So, in that sense, he’s just going to go along with it, and if the Democrats take a loss, they’re just martyrs to his revolution.”

Could not be better said. Forbes absolutely has Obama pegged.

'Son Of Hamas' Warns U.S. Fatally Falling For Lies

This is pretty disturbing and people need open their eyes to this and this "peaceful religion". Read the piece below and click on the link.

'Peaceful' Muslims following Quran's dictate to establish 'global Islamic state'

As the son of a Hamas co-founder who became a Christian, a spy for Israel and a consultant to the Holy Land Foundation terror-finance trial, Mosab Hassan Yousef offers a rare perspective on the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood – at once the spawn of nearly every major Islamic terrorist group and of "mainstream" operatives in the U.S. such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Yousef, who recently was granted asylum in the U.S. after the Department of Homeland Security tried to deport him, told WND in a telephone interview Americans must understand that the ultimate goal of the highly influential Brotherhood is not terrorism but to establish a global Islamic state over the entire world.

"If they can establish this in a peaceful manner, that's fine," he said. "But they are required by the Quran to establish this global Islamic state on the rubble of every civilization, every constitution, every government."

Read more on WND

McCain Wins Senate Primary In Arizona

He pulled one out at the last second, but he did it. I've always like McCain, even when I did live in Arizona.

Politico: Sen. John McCain routed former Rep. J.D. Hayworth in the Arizona Republican primary Tuesday night after a contentious campaign marked by stinging attacks and McCain’s attempts to burnish his own conservative credentials.

The four-term Senate incumbent appeared headed toward a nearly 2-to-1 victory over Hayworth, a former congressman and radio show talk host who attempted to cast himself as the “consistent conservative.” McCain, who led in every county in the state, held a 57 percent to 32 percent advantage with 82 percent of precincts reporting. Little-known conservative Jim Deakin, who was criticized by McCain opponents as a spoiler who would split the vote against the senator, pulled in 12 percent of the vote.

Despite a spirited bid by Hayworth, who cultivated support from — and staffed his campaign with — Tea Party activists, McCain’s $21 million blitzkrieg ultimately rendered him an unacceptable alternative, despite widespread antipathy toward McCain among many grassroots conservatives.

Senator Who Took Credit For Writing Obamacare, Admits Not Reading The Bill

What a joke. Why can't our reps read these things before they vote on them and especially criticize everyone else when they in fact haven't read the darn thing? Geez

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius met with residents of Libby, MT to talk about Obamacare. A woman asked about whether or not Baucus, who took credit for writing the legislation, actually read the entire bill.

Flathead Beacon: Judy Matott asked Baucus if he would work to improve Libby’s image, and then asked him and Sebelius, “if either of you read the health care bill before it was passed and if not, that is the most despicable, irresponsible thing.”

Baucus replied that if Libby residents assembled an economic development plan, he would do what he could to help, and he took credit for “essentially” writing the health care bill that passed the Senate.

“I don’t think you want me to waste my time to read every page of the health care bill. You know why? It’s statutory language,” Baucus said. “We hire experts.”

In response to Matott’s question and another from a woman asking if the health care law was Constitutional, Baucus gave a broad defense of the changes, comparing them to programs like Social Security and Medicare that were unpopular when passed but have proven beneficial to Americans over the long term.

“It’s not perfect, nothing’s perfect, but I’m telling you, ma’am, it’s a good start,” Baucus said. “Mark my words, several years from now you’re going to look back and say, ‘eh, maybe it isn’t so bad.’”

h/t Lonely Conservative

Barney Frank And His Freddie And Fannie Flip Flop - Video

I have a couple of older posts on here that I linked and opinionated on blaming Barney Frank as one of the guys behind the whole housing collapse because he was basically in charge of it and defended Freddie and Fannie. Now it seems he's a giant flip flopper like most of them. Watch this video. Now he wants Freddie and Fannie abolished. What a jackass.

h/t American Thinker

The Economy, Dignity Of People And The Unemployed

I'm glad I came across this one and I think I will check out this message board. I fit right into these people right now being unemployed and everything...still.

If you can still put a roof over your head and food on the table for your family, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate. There are millions of Americans out there right now that are really, really suffering. The cold, hard reality of it is that there aren't even close to enough jobs out there for everyone right now. It is almost as if we are all caught in a really bizarre game of musical chairs where the losers get stripped of their tickets to the middle class. What this horrible economy is doing to the dignity of millions of middle class Americans is incredibly saddening.

There are a lot of very highly educated and very hard working Americans who cannot seem to get jobs no matter what they do and now find themselves doing whatever they can just to survive. It can be really hard to keep your dignity when you played by all the rules and you worked as hard as you could all your life and now you find yourself a half step away from being homeless. Those of us who are still doing okay should never look down on those who are struggling in this economy, because the truth is that any of us could be next.

If you really want to read some horror stories about what long-term unemployment is doing to some people in America, you should go spend an hour or two over at Unemployed-Friends some time. It is a great forum with a lot of great resources for the unemployed, but it also contains dozens and dozens and dozens of heartbreaking stories from middle class Americans who have had their lives shattered by this economic downturn.

Read more on The Economic Collapse

New Poll Shows 62% Say Country Will Be Better Off If Most Members Of Congress Are Defeated This November

I would say I am in the 62%.

via Rasmussen Reports

Glenn Beck From Yesterday

I actually watched this program yesterday, don't watch him very often, but I was glad I was glad I did. It was an excellent program. I'm starting to realize that pretty much everything he is showing and presents to people is true. People like Keith Olbermann like to make fun of him nightly, but like he said "Aren't there any true journalists out there anymore"? You hear any of this stuff from the MSM. Don't believe me? Watch it

Man And Money Behind The Ground Zero Mosque - Video

Watch this video and learn about the Funds behind the Ground Zero Mosque. This "developer" plunked down almost FIVE MILLION DOLLARS IN CASH! Where is the money coming from? The guy was a waiter a few years ago. Follow the money trail of Sharif El-Gamal, must see below, too.

From the Great YouTube Channel of The Founding Patriots. They also have a website,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My cousin had a baby yesterday afternoon and I went out of town in the morning to see them. Always nice to be invited to things like this and also it was for family so I had too. It was great, a healthy baby boy. He was 8lbs 2 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

Updates on this old blog of mine might be tonight, most likely tomorrow morning. Have a great day!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Federal Workers Are Making Double That Those In The Private Sector

And they get far better benefits and pensions. Most of them are lazy, complain a lot and most of the jobs are allocated such as CalTrans and that's why you see most of them standing around. If they finish the job before it's due (say they got 2 weeks to repave 2 blocks of road), they loose the bonus and don;t get paid for the full 2 weeks of the job. How do I know this? My cousin and a few of his friends used to work for CalTrans. They were hard working guys and were told by the supervisor to stop because they were "working too fast".

This is unsustainable folks - there is no way this can continue. In California there are over 10,000 retired State Workers who make over $100,000 in retirement pay. And to make things worse - what do they really do? Where is the profit motive or the business incentive here. Many of them can not even tell you what they do - they may have a title but as far as productive work. The bottom line is we have created an elite ruling class that is completely oblivious to the economic realities that most Americans face on a daily basis.

Not to mention in California, they have to take furlough days because of the budget problem and they still complain on the pay. My stepdad's sister, she retired at 50 from CalPeers and makes bank on retirement. Crazy stuff. I need to find an opening in the county or state. Screw this.

Another reason why Unions are one of my top 3 reasons why the country is tanking. The other two? Political Correctness and Outsourcing.

At a time when workers' pay and benefits have stagnated, federal employees' average compensation has grown to more than double what private sector workers earn, a USA TODAY analysis finds. Federal workers have been awarded bigger average pay and benefit increases than private employees for nine years in a row. The compensation gap between federal and private workers has doubled in the past decade. Federal civil servants earned average pay and benefits of $123,049 in 2009 while private workers made $61,051 in total compensation, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The data are the latest available. The federal compensation advantage has grown from $30,415 in 2000 to $61,998 last year.

Read the rest of the story here.

Quote Of The Day

This is one that I am actually getting tired of hearing, especially from sports players - "...At the end of the day...". Agree?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Flashback Friday! - The El Debarge AKA Debarge Edition

This band was bad ass back in the day and if you listen to a few of their songs, you will notice some of the beats (like everything else it seems) is used in some popular hip hop songs, most notably The Notorious B.I.G. who was awesome. Future "Flashback"? Maybe...Enjoy these classics!

Obama Now Blaming Congress For Poor Job Numbers. Doesn't His Party Run Congress? Yup!

Oh this is getting to become priceless. Just as the President leaves for his vacation, he left a nice letter to Congress blaming them for the poor jobs number. He didn't blame Bush for once. Wow! It's his policies and the previous other "jobs bills" and "stimuluses" that haven't done a damn thing for Americans except make the economy worse. Now he's blaming Congress. Last time I checked (and I think any smart or rational person out there knows), YOUR PARTY CONTROLS CONGRESS!

LA Times Blog:

President/White House: Good morning, everybody. For the last several months, I have been urging Congress to pass a jobs bill that will do two big things for small businesses — cut their taxes and make loans more available.

I have been adamant about this because small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They create two out of every three new jobs in this country. And while a lot of big businesses and big banks have started recovering from this recession, small businesses and community banks that loan to small businesses have been lagging behind. They need help. And if we want this economy to create more jobs more quickly, we need to help them…

…A majority of senators are in favor of the bill and yet the obstruction continues. It’s obstruction that stands in the way of small business owners getting the loans and the tax cuts that they need to prosper. It’s obstruction that defies common sense…

…So let me just make this simple point. There will be plenty of time between now and November to play politics. But the small business owners I met with this week, the ones that I’ve met with across the country this year, they don’t have time for political games. They’re not interested in what’s best for a political party. They’re interested in what’s best for the country.

When Congress reconvenes, this jobs bill will be the first business out of the gate. And the Senate Republican leadership needs to stop its efforts to block it. Let’s put aside the partisanship for awhile and work together for small businesses, for employees, and the communities that depend on them across this great country. Thank you very much.

Read more on LA Times' Blog

Political Correctness Hitting The News Again. AP Telling It's Reporters: Refer To Ground Zero Mosque As 'NYC Mosque' Now

Another reason why I hate political correctness. Read this bunch of b.s.

Washington Times: The Associated Press sent an advisory out on Thursday telling its staff to stop referencing the controversial Cordoba House as the "Ground Zero Mosque." Instead, the AP wants their reporters to call it the "NYC Mosque." In an advisory the AP wrote:


Here is some guidance on covering the NYC mosque story, with assists from Chad Roedemeier in the NYC bureau and Terry Hunt in Washington:

1. We should continue to avoid the phrase "ground zero mosque" or "mosque at ground zero" on all platforms. (We’ve very rarely used this wording, except in slugs, though we sometimes see other news sources using the term.) The site of the proposed Islamic center and mosque is not at ground zero, but two blocks away in a busy commercial area. We should continue to say it’s “near” ground zero, or two blocks away.

In short headlines, some ways to refer to the project include:
_ mosque 2 blocks from WTC site
_ Muslim (or Islamic) center near WTC site
_ mosque near ground zero
_ mosque near WTC site

We can refer to the project as a mosque, or as a proposed Islamic center that includes a mosque.

It may be useful in some stories to note that Muslim prayer services have been held since 2009 in the building that the new project will replace. The proposal is to create a new, larger Islamic community center that would include a mosque, a swimming pool, gym, auditorium and other facilities.

Read more on this story here

Bush "Miss Me Yet" T-Shirts Selling Big Time Just As The President Goes On Vacation In Martha's Vineyard

So as the President and his family embark on ANOTHER vacation, this time back to Martha's Vineyard for 11 days, on the island, these t-shirts are selling like hot cakes. I'm sure the President is going to love seeing these around town. “Last year, Obama gave you goose bumps, but I don’t think you’re going to see that this year,’’ said Alex McCluskey, co-owner of the Locker Room, who sold more than 4,000 “I vacationed with Obama’’ T-shirts last year. But so far this year, he said, his hot item is T-shirts of former President Bush asking, “Miss me yet?’

h/t Maggie's Notebook and Lonely Conservative

The Treasury And Social Security Lost Track Of $25 Billion

How the hell does this happen and why is it becoming more common place that this is happening? How do you lose $25 Billion dollars? Especially on something that the olders rely on for security and bills ( even though it hardly pays out anything) like Social Security?

Zero Hedge: I have been keeping an eye on the monthly numbers for the Social Security Trust Fund for some time. The 2010 revenue numbers have been terrible. They are running 3% below last year’s very crummy results. I was anticipating that the 2010 top line would look like 2009. Unemployment has been steady at just below 10% for a long time. There was no logical explanation for the continued drop in YoY payroll tax receipts. So I was confused.

Two important sources have “explained” this drop. Both the SSTF and the CBO have confirmed that somehow there was a miscount over at Treasury for $25-29 billion.

The explanation from the CBO today:

Receipts from social insurance taxes are also expected to decline this year—by $29 billion (3.2 percent) from last year, mostly because of an adjustment by the Treasury to correct for the allocation of receipts in earlier years.

The explanation from the SSTF in their August report to Congress:

The estimated decline in trust fund income from 2009 to 2010 is due to the economic recession and to an expected $25billion downward adjustment to 2010 income that corrects for excess payroll tax revenue credited to the Trust Funds in earlier years.

Read more on Zero Hedge

h/t I have a title for this

This Year's Flu Vaccine Will Also Include The Swine Flu Vaccine In It

Oklahoma Watchdog: For those concerned about the impending flu season, the government will be making the seasonal flu vaccine available again this year.

Except this year, there is a difference -the normal seasonal flu vaccine will be combined with swine flu (H1N1) vaccine as well.

“The 2010-2011 seasonal flu vaccine will include the H1N1 strain that was responsible for the 2009 pandemic,” said Vicki Monks, media spokesperson for the Oklahoma City-County Health Department.

Read more on Oklahoma Watchdog

h/t I have a title for this

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thursday Political Funnies

"Jersey Shore" Cast Recieves Truckload Of Summer Gear - Condoms, Vodka And Tanner Among Things

I don't normally write about celebrity crap but every now and then I do. This time it's on "The Jersey Shore". I'm glad that it appears they are being "safe" but I doubt they use the condoms. Just like most people now days. I don't like MTV, but for some reason one day, I turned on the tv and I ended up watching this train wreck and today, I still do. Don't know why, but I do. Maybe it's because of Sammi. She's hot. Go ahead, GTL, be an MVP in MIA supporting the GFF cause if not, then you're IFF. Oh boy...(shaking head)

NY Daily News
: Special delivery, indeed!

The cast of "Jersey Shore" got quite the delivery over the weekend when a truckload of "summer essentials" arrived at their Seaside Heights, N.J., beach house.

Snooki, Pauly D and the rest of their hard-partying housemates welcomed the arrival of goods, courtesy of Moishe's Mobile Storage, that is sure to add to the MTV cast's wild and crazy hijinks.

Among the "essentials," the cast received cases of condoms, countless bottles of vodka, "GTL" bags featuring sunless tanner, laundry detergent and free gym memberships and various other summer share house supplies.

"Having watched what these kids must endure for fame, we felt obliged to pull together and deliver everything they could possibly need to make it to the end of summer," Rami Haim, president of Moishe's Mobile Storage, said in a statement.

Read more:

CBO Estimates 2010 Deficit At $1.34 Trillion - Obama To Blame Bush?

Another blame Bush moment? I bet we'll hear it soon on the news. I'm telling you, double dip recession in 2011 and it'll make thing worse.

Wall Street Journal: A new projection from the Congressional Budget Office reflects a worsening of the deficit picture for fiscal 2011, but little change in other years since its last estimate in January.

The CBO projections involve several assumptions that likely make them optimistic. They assume the Bush-era tax cuts expire at the end of 2010, for example, and also that Congress makes no further annual adjustments to prevent the alternative minimum tax from hitting middle-class taxpayers.

The projections also don't include any further government stimulus efforts to accelerate the lagging economy.

For 2010, the current fiscal year, CBO projects the deficit will come in at around $1.34 trillion, down just slightly from its $1.35 trillion estimate in January. For 2011, CBO says the deficit will come in at $1.07 trillion, up from $980 billion in January. For 2012 and 2013 the deficits would be $665 billion and $525 billion, compared to $650 billion and $539 billion in January.

Deficits decline every year until 2015 when they start to climb again, under pressure from baby boomer retirements and mounting interest payments on government debt.

‘Moderate’ Mosque Leader Blamed US For 9/11 Weeks After Attack

Listen to load of bullshit. Feisal Abdul Rauf being interviewed by the late Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes 19 days after 9/11 calls the United States an "accessory" to the attacks. Also that Osama was "made in America". This is the guy who wants us to build a mosque at Ground Zero, refuses to denounce Hamas and wants us to be more Sharia compliant. Fuck that.


Surprise! Unemployment Numbers Rose To 500,000

Summer of bad news. Not good, not good. I'm still hoping my extension goes through, this will be my first. California is tough right now to find work.

Via CNBC: New U.S. claims for unemployment benefits unexpectedly climbed to a nine-month high last week, yet another setback to the frail economic recovery.

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits increased 12,000 to a seasonally adjusted 500,000 in the week ended August 14, the highest since mid-November, the Labor Department said on Thursday.

Analysts polled by Reuters had forecast claims slipping to 476,000 from the previously reported 484,000 the prior week, which was revised up to 488,000 in Thursday's report.


The four-week average of new jobless claims, considered a better measure of underlying labor market trends as it irons out week-to-week volatility, rose 8,000 to 482,500, the highest since early December.

Read on CNBC

h/t memeorandum

Also a good version on Wall Street Journal's site