Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pick Up My Friend's New Book!

I've personally known Jeff now for about 15 years and he is a great person, a very funny man, and creative as you can see. This is his first book being published. I recommend picking it up and start enjoying his creative mind at work. A mini biography and editorial from the publisher is below. Once I get my copy, he is autographing it for me. That's how cool he is.

Mini Biography:

Jeff Klima is the cofounder of Orange County Crime Scene Cleaners. In addition to collaborating with New York Times bestselling science-fiction author Steve Alten on The Minimum Wage, he has sold a screenplay, A Line in the Sand about the Iraq war to Cornerstone Pictures, which is currently in pre-production rewrites.

Editorial Review:

Having toiled for minimum wage for years, Jeff Klima got an unexpected offer: to head up a brand new crime scene cleanup company in Orange County. The upside: a chance to make incredible money in a field with no competition.The downside? Everything else about the job.

The Dead Janitors Club is an engrossing, hilarious, and morbidly fascinating memoir that brings the hidden world of crime scene cleanup to life with stories ranging from his first job—where a piece of brain fell off the ceiling and landed in his eye—to having to finding bloodstains missed by cops and reopening crime scenes.

The Dead Janitors Club is a memoir of struggling to survive college, love, life, and keeping one's sanity when one never knows if the next time the phone will ring, you must delve into the darker side of life and death.



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