Sunday, June 13, 2010

George Soros And Brazil Set To Make Billions Because Of The Offshore Moratorium In America

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Here is the short version:

For those who gave Bush crap for being friends with Big Oil, listen what's going on with your messiah Obama. Why do the Democrats continue to spend money we don't have, especially to a foreign country, for something that we need to be doing here? Drill here, pay less. Interesting stuff below.

Thanks to Obama setting a 6 month moratorium on offshore drilling, Brazil stands to reap the rewards of a drilling moratorium here in the US.

Remember who stands to make a bundle from drilling in Brazil. None other than Obama’s buddy George Soros. Remember, too, that Obama lent billions to a Brazilian oil company last year

George Soros is the one who campaigned against oil companies and the use of fossil
fuels is now suddenly investing our children’s money in a foreign oil
company? This is the same man who said he wanted higher gas prices to break our addiction to foreign oil. Why the sudden change of heart?

Could it be pay back to a big supporter? Could the fact that George
Soros just traded millions of shares of Petrobas be just a

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