Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dumb Umpire Blows A Perfect Game By Detroit Pitcher

We almost had a 3rd perfect game pitched this season until when the Tigers' pitcher Galarraga (who clearly tagged the base before the runner got there), had an umpire call the runner safe at 1st and it was ruled a hit, ending a perfect 8 2/3's innings pitched. The ended up getting the final out on the next hitter, but to have a one hitter and an umpire clearly not pay attention ending this chance at history, was just retarded. Later, after seeing the replays and such, the umpire was upset and clearly apologized to everyone.


Megan said...

I feel bad for the ump. He has apologized profusely, and Galarraga harbors no resentment. People are human, they make mistakes. Granted, this was a pretty major one, given the stakes, but nevertheless... This guy's wife and daughter were tracked down, and called at home by angry fans with death threats, and menacing heckling. So he made a bad call, but to come after his family who had absolutely NOTHING to do with it is completely uncalled for! Our local news played a clip of one of the calls made to his daughter's dorm room, and it was terrible! The ump is sorry - Galarraga even said the ump didn't even shower or change his clothes the night of the game like the other umps do - and he cried at the beginning of the following day's game. The ump has shown remorse - the public now needs to let it go, and certainly stop threatening his family!

Trigger said...

Exactly. That is the human element of baseball. Replay can be cool sometimes, but even I get tired of it. Look what it's done for football. The refs seem to rely on it so much now. It doesn't look like the commissioner is going to overturn it, but it was an amazing game and the umpire showed remorse and Galarraga and the Tigers showed class