Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Democrat Party Versus America

From the Common Cents Blog. Please read and pass on. Very important.

Or more properly the Left versus America. As the article states if you ask a Conservative if he/she loves America and if we are the greatest country in the world the answer would be "Yes". Ask a Leftist or a Democrat and the answer would be quite different. When Mr. Common Cents was walking precincts for Bush in 2004 and McCain in 2008 one of the easiest ways to determine if they were supporting GOP Candidates was if they were flying the American flag. If they flew the flag we knew we had their votes.

Recently Doc Zero wrote a superlative post "Versus America" which should be required reading. Please read and pass on...

One of the most striking moments in our increasingly surreal politics came when congressional Democrats leaped to their feet and applauded a foreign leader as he trashed the state of Arizona and its immigration law. The foreigner in question was the president of Mexico, a barely functional kleptocracy with vastly more restrictive immigration laws, enforced by a corrupt police force that has been known to beat and rob undocumented aliens.

Arizona’s immigration law was prompted by the flood of people desperately seeking to escape Felipe Calderon’s miserable governance. The sense of alienation between the United States and its Democrat Party grows steadily deeper. If you ask someone on the right side of our political spectrum whether they believe America is the greatest country on earth, you would most likely receive instant agreement. Ask the same question of someone from the Left, and the answer will probably be negative, or at least heavily qualified. If they agree at all, they’ll probably need at least five or ten minutes to get all the disclaimers and caveats out of the way… followed by the angry insistence they love their country.

Asserting the United States is the greatest country on Earth is not the same thing as declaring it flawless, or demeaning other nations as worthless. Even if you stipulate both of these points, you will rarely convince a liberal to concede its greatness. Most of them aren’t lying when they say they love it. The issue is the difference between love and reverence. Liberals see themselves as enlightened crusaders, embarked on a quest to transform a fundamentally flawed America. They swoon when they hear Barack Obama speak of his “transformative” agenda.

The “hope and change” mantra conjures an image of helpless little people waiting to be rescued. The transformation they have in mind is coercive – they’re not talking about transforming society by giving people more freedom to do what they want, or allowing them to express their will through greater amounts of income protected from taxation. It might be possible to rationalize inflicting forcible change on something you love, but you wouldn’t take that attitude toward something you revere.

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Megan said...

I would hardly consider myself a liberal, and do consider myself a patriot, however I can't say we're the greatest country in the world. It just doesn't seem right to take that attitude. Do I personally love America more than any other country? Absolutely! But do I think its right to proclaim America is better than all other countries? No. There is a line between patriotism and nationalism, and the line is drawn at arrogance. (Either go read my patriotism blog or look up definitions of patriotism and nationalism to better understand what I mean.) I don't consider myself an arrogant person, so I will not make that claim. I think America struts around quite arrogantly in front of the rest of the world a lot. The rest of the world already knows we're a sovereign nation of wealth and power - we have nothing to prove, and need to get off our high horses. Personally, I think claiming, or not claiming, America is the "best" boils down to arrogance (personal and political), and I don't think that its limited just to the right. And I don't think the liberals are the only self-proclaimed "realists" either. Both sides have valid points and everyone is entitled to their opinion. *sigh* I am so tired of this whole media blame-game garbage! No wonder the divide between the Dems and Repubs grows ever wider. Maybe if we tried as hard at finding middle ground as we do at acting childish, we would actually get somewhere.

Okay, that got a little off-topic, but anyway....those are my thoughts.