Friday, May 28, 2010

Wisconsin Army Veteran Allowed To Keep Flag On Display

I am seeing this more and more from complexes, subdivisions or just places in general that have some sort of HOA or community rules in place. It is disgusting. Faced eviction over this? The flag is a symbol of this country and especially for a military veteran, it is a symbol of patriotism and what they fight for so we can live our lives daily. Places need to start eliminating those rules and allow people to fly or display the American flag on their property. I am glad that he is allowed to keep it up.

A Wisconsin Army veteran -- who faced eviction this week for flying the American flag -- will now be allowed to keep the flag up for as long as he wants.

Under mounting nationwide protest, Charlie Price, 28, of Oshkosh, Wis., and officials at Midwest Realty Management struck a "mutual agreement" that allows the veteran to continue displaying the patriotic symbol, according to a statement posted on the company's website on Thursday.

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