Monday, May 31, 2010

"Rally" In Arizona This Weekend Was Really About Socialism, Reconquista and Revolution

These kind of stunts and hateful behavior is largely ignored by the media this kind of bias needs to stop. When will the media start accurately reporting or most importantly, when will reporters start growing some "nuts" and asking people why they made the kind of signs they have and question their behavior? This is wrong in so many ways.

Story and links from The Lonely Conservative's page.

Don’t believe what the media is telling you about the immigration march in Arizona. It was an organized, politically motivated stunt that went so far as to put families at risk of heat stroke to score political points, temps were around 90 degrees.

Here’s one sign:

American Power’s Donald Douglas published the truth about the immigration rally in Phoenix this weekend. He has a lot more photos like the one above documenting the raw hatred of our country that was on display. Don’t believe what you read in the paper. This isn’t about immigration reform. This is about socialism, reconquista and revolution. But the mainstream media won’t tell you that. You won’t hear them talking about the angry extremists who descended on Arizona. No, that sort of talk is reserved for those who love this country and wish to preserve our sovereignty and freedom.

The Other McCain and News Real Blog have more on this “hate America” fest.

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