Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hate References At The Illigeal Immigration Rally In Arizona, But The Media Doesn't Care

This kind of stuff angers me for two reasons. One, I hate ignorance and people who use hate speech, references and symbols like these idiots used at this protest/rally over the weekend and have used towards Republicans and Tea Party people for the last year. Two, it amazes me how much the mainstream, left-winged media just ignores and goes along with it like it's ok to do. It's not! These kind of signs need to be torn apart once they are noticed. I know people have the right to free speech and expression, but come on! If a Republican or Tea Party member had any of these kind of signs up at a rally or a protest, the media would be all over it and continue to blame the right and try and pin Tea Partiers as the group/party of hate in fact, I have said many times and even linked evidence going back to the 1830's that has showed in fact, Democrats have been the party of hate and needs to push and use race in order to get votes. Just read the article below. Just stupid. People still don't get that this Arizona law is almost the same as the Federal law this is in existence?? One exception, the Arizona law says there has to be a "reasonable doubt" and "no profiling" but the Federal law doesn't have that language in it.

Read below from Newsbusters:

For over a year, America's media have been depicting Tea Partiers as homophobic racists citing inflammatory signs at rally events as evidence.

On Saturday, pro-illegal immigration supporters in Phoenix, Arizona, carried signs quite similar to what our press found repulsive and extreme when present at conservative protests.

Will swastikas and the Arizona governor being referred to as "Adolf Brewer" be equally unacceptable to America's media?

Before you answer, consider the following news segment from NBC12 in Phoenix wherein an anti-SB 1070 protester was interviewed holding a sign emblazoned with swastikas claiming "Republicans Breed Ignorance," and the reporter didn't even bat an eye (video follows with commentary and additional pictures):

As HotAirPundit reported Sunday, these were some other signs at the event:

Here's one depicting Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a Klansman:

And another one calling Arizona a Nazi state:

Will media be as offended by these signs as they were when such things showed up at Tea Party rallies?

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