Thursday, May 27, 2010

2 Year Old Indonesian Child A Heavy Smoker - WTF?!

This 2-year-old Indonesian boy Ardi Rizal is literally addicted to cigarettes. He is smoking more than 40 cigarettes per day. And if parents refuse him a smoke, he becomes very angry and then bangs his head against the wall.

He doesn't play with other kids ‘cause he's obese and it is hard for him to keep up with others when they run around. So he's always rolling on his toy car.

His addiction started when his father Mohammed gave him a cigarette at the age of 18 months.

Here's what this kid's father said: "He looks pretty healthy to me. I don't see the problem," and this man is 30 years old...

Don't forget to watch the video, for a two year old, he's got quite a technique to smoke.

Via: izismile

Video via the sun uk

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metsatsu said...

his retarded father just killed him literally.