Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 10: New Year's Resolutions All Men Should Make 1-5

No.5 - Do P90X

Countless studies have shown that setting vague fitness and weight-loss goals are easily ignored. Much more effective is setting a workout routine to follow, which then lets the weight thing take care of itself. P90X is just one example of these challenging exercise programs that keep you motivated as well as yielding excellent results. Find one that suits your aims (weight loss, muscle gain, etc), and then get going with it. You will find you have more energy, you look and feel better, and those love handles will cease to be a concern.

No.4 - Open a savings account

The last 12 months have been a salutary lesson in the importance of sound financial management. While that was on a global scale, we can all do better with our personal finances. As one small step, we recommend opening a savings account. Put a percentage of your salary in each month (or whatever you can spare) and don’t touch it. Pretty soon you won’t miss the money you have put away, and it will gradually grow into the beginnings of a nest egg. You can use this as a springboard into better fiscal health more generally.

No.3 - Conquer a fear

We never promised that these would all be a walk in the park (unless you are afraid of parks). Everyone has fears of one kind or another, and overcoming them can be a real battle. The cheapest and most effective way to overcome your fear is to expose yourself to what you’re scared of until you get over it. If your fear is having a negative impact on your quality of life, 2010 is the year to make this resolution.

No.2 - Help someone else

A great way to feel better about yourself is by helping those in need. We realize that not everyone has lots of time to devote to this, but whatever you can do to help is worth doing. Whether that is volunteering in a soup kitchen (especially helpful in the winter) or helping your elderly landlady carry out her garbage, make 2010 the year when you start thinking about making the world better for everyone else. It is very easy to become self-absorbed and forget there are always people in need of help. Don’t make that mistake this year.

No.1 - Visit a new destination

Our No. 1 resolution for 2010 is about taking yourself outside your comfort zone, broadening your horizons and checking out a new corner of the world. The quickest way to cure listlessness or boredom is to put yourself in the crosshairs of an adventure. Whether you have a dream destination in mind or you simply throw a dart at a map of the world, going somewhere new is the most important New Year’s resolution all men should make. Even if you hate traveling, you can still do this. Visiting somewhere new can even include the restaurant you walk past every day, the local museum or the next town over.

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