Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Rant By Me About A Sports Article I Read

Article here:;_ylt=AtMULUf_kScJUqgNKj88F1ZDubYF?urn=top,207956

I understand we are living in an era where everyone wants their own agenda pushed, wants people to apologize or I'm going to sue for every little thing, the media dictates who should be fired as a coach and not the school, big brother is watching etc etc etc, but making sports teams change their names because they are deemed "insensitive"?

Personally and from what I have read online, most Native Americans don't care about the nicknames. It's only a small group like 6 who keep suing teams like the Washington Redskins to change their name. The Sioux of North Dakota have said they are proud that the university uses their nickname. Florida State Seminoles don't seem to care nor do Natives when it comes to the Cleveland Indians or Atlanta Braves and all the tomahawk chants.

You don't hear people or myself getting all but hurt about the Boston Celtics nickname. Why you ask? I'm proud of my part Irish heritage but if you want to get technical it is pronounced "Keltic" or "Celt" but I'm not leading a band of attention starved and money hungry people to tell the team or new organizations to pronounce it correctly or change the name. Because of people like this, we already got Columbus Day removed from the books what more do you want?? (See my post on that subject here: )

Give me a break people....

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