Monday, April 6, 2009

So I Was Watching The News Today....

And I saw a story that Chris Brown is being arraigned for his role in the beating of Rihanna. It was quite interesting the debate going back and forth between a male and female defense attorneys about how this will play out etc. Chris Brown is hoping to get the felony charges dropped to misdemeanors and a few hundred hours of community service. Another words, another slap on the wrist for the rich and famous.
The male defense attorney was saying that "if" the prospective jurors can get passed the celebrity status of Chris Brown and look at the case, he thinks it will be just a case of "young and dumb" and he's only 19 years old and it will work out in Chris' favor. Plus Rihanna doesn't want to testify.
Well guess what....Rihanna doesn't have a choice. I can understand why she wants this over with and forgotten. This is the State of California vs Chris Brown. She will be a witness for the state and she will have to testify. If not, she'll be in jail for contempt and will be there until she does. And I don't buy that whole, "young and dumb" and "only 19 years old" crap. I don't care who you are and what age...NEVER HIT A WOMAN. This generation, the "internet" or "text message" generation are smarter than people give them credit for and they know what they are doing despite the law. Most use it to their advantage too.
So look at the picture below, and judge for yourself. Celebrities need to quit acting like the law doesn't apply and they need to be tried and sentenced like the everyday people who really work for a living. If I or any other man would had done what Chris Brown did, we'd already been arraigned, convicted and sentenced.

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