Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Quit My Job Today

I was working at my (now previous) employer for the last 2 months. I didn't mind it. Some laid back people, a cool boss. It was labor intense at times, lots of stocking and such and the pay was good for this area. Well, over the last couple of weeks, things started to build.

A few weeks ago, I got written up for taking a 26 minute lunch and not a full 30 minute lunch so therefore, they had to pay me for an hour of OT. Then the following week I got written up again because I took my lunch at the start of my 6th hour. When I was training, they stated that you had to start your lunch no later than the 6th hour of your shift. OK, I did that. Well now they tell me that it has to be completed by the 6th hour which means I have to start my lunch at the 5 or 5 1/2 hour mark. Got that? So a couple more of those then I would be suspended then fired.

Then this morning happens. I get a phone call yesterday letting me know they changed the schedule and I now start at 8 a.m. and I need to come in in the morning to get the new schedule. So I come to work today and the new schedule isn't up and there is a big old hand written note that says, "...come see me before you start your route (I'll leave my bosses name out)". Now I'm starting to wonder "What now?".

So I find my boss and I ask "What am I in trouble for this time?". He says to me, "Why do you think you're in trouble?". I say, "Cause that seems to be the only time you want to talk to me", and then we chuckle but I'm being serious.

We go up to the office and I have to look at some safety handouts that everyone had to look at and sign. So I do that and then he lets me know he still needs to talk to me. He then proceeds to pull out some enlarged pictures of the work and display I did at one of the stores. He tells me that the sales guy took these and lets him know and states that I'm doing a bad job. I let my boss know that I called the sales guy last Tuesday when the load came in and because he was out of product there isn't enough to complete the display they way it should be and how does he want me to proceed. I let my boss know about what had happened and that conversation and he wanted me to do it that way and improvise with what we got to fill it up. My boss says, "Oh well (name left out) didn't say that". Of course he didn't he was covering his butt and trying to pin an understocked store on me.

So after that happens, I go and start doing my routes. I get to my second store and my district boss calls me. He wants to know what is wrong with my work phone (it hasn't been working properly for some reason), and then he says, "I have gone and talked to a couple of stores that you have been at recently and it has come to my attention that you have been unappreciative and voiced your opinions to the stores, employees and customers about the company. That is unprofessional. If you need to vent or you are mad, you need to take it outside not inside the store. There are eyes and ears everywhere and believe it or not, they do tells us and people do call and tells us what our employees are doing". I am kind of paraphrasing some of this because I can but that is the main gist of what happened and what he said.

He then proceed to let me know that whatever I do is a reflection of and on the company, it's unprofessional and that if there are issues to be aware of what I am doing, etc. He then asks me, "Do understand what I am getting at?". I said "Sure". He then tells me, "No, we need to be on the same page. Do you agree with what I am saying to you?" I stated to him that "...I don't agree with it but sure". Then he mentions again about me understanding and I just said "Sure" and that ended the phone call.

I thought about what happened, and at the end of my shift today, I called my boss and let him know about the conversation and just things over the last couple of weeks and that as of today, I am done. I told him also that I know better to do anything like that especially to customers (why would someone do that in the first place?), and it was untrue but oh well. Either he was playing dumb or really didn't know what the district boss told me but I told my boss that I talk to other people I work with sometimes and the other rival places but we just b.s. we don't trash one another.

I normally don't do what I did and just quit. I usually turn in a 2 weeks notice and I have had excellent reviews and times at all previous employers but after that, I can't stick it out or put it behind me, I'm done. I feel it surprised him and on Thursday, I will be turning in my gear and getting my paycheck. I left a note of resignation on his desk around 5 p.m. today.

I feel I am an honest person, I go with the flow and I don't snitch or nit pick on work places so all this b.s. is kind of irritating. I can say this now because I'm not employed with them anymore, but when I was training, guys were not taking their lunches when I was and they would just tell me I didn't need to take one and just a 1/2 hour on my time sheet, they don't check. I never did that. Other guys I worked with would complain to me about what the sales guys do/did same with fellow merchandisers. Plus there have been a few times I have walked into a store and the backroom and/or our merchandise was not put away or cleaned up properly by the previous person but I didn't go running to the boss like some have done to me for supposedly doing a bad job. I could go on about a few things but I'm not that kind of person.

Like I said, I'm done. Welcome back to the unemployment line. Hopefully I can get benefits again.

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