Thursday, January 22, 2009

Texas girls hoops team seeks forfeit of 100-0 win - - - UPDATE 1/26/09

A high school girls basketball team wins a blowout, 100-0 — then seeks to forfeit the game, calling the feat "shameful."

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Here's a portion of the story:

Kyle Queal, head of school at Covenant, a North Dallas Christian school, was not at the game, but he said there have been internal discussions about it and that more are coming.

"It was poor judgment," Queal said. "I look at the box score and look at the box score, and it was not justified. It will never happen again."

Queal said he hopes his school will work "behind the scenes" with Dallas Academy to make sure the schools continue their "long-standing" relationship.

"I'll say this," Queal said of the Dallas Academy girls, "that was an amazing testimony to their tenacity and perseverance."

Edd Burleson, director of 236-member TAPPS, had a different description. He called the Class 2A, District 3 game an "embarrassing incident."

"Our motto is 'Competition With Honor,' " Burleson said. "I can't see how the one school can live up to that."

One parent was seen as saying that (the team who won), was doing full court press and shooting 3's the whole game and that they should had backed off after a while.

Here's the thing: When did we start becoming a bunch of wusses? When I was in school and we played sports, etc, there was no mercy rule or apologizing for blow-out wins and things of that nature. There was still sportsmanship, and we learned from the losses and moved on from that.

Now, we have to be sensitive to the other teams feelings, we have to have equal teams, everyone gets a trophy, the parents fight for who's the coach and sometimes they fight the coach just to name a few things.

I'm sorry, if your team didn't want to be blown out 100-0, then maybe the other team should had played harder and made an attempt at the basket to try and draw a foul or something.

I understand that a loss or a loss of that measure can take it's toll, but teams and people are playing to win so they can make sectional, division, or even state. You put on an ass whooping and now you want to forfeit that win? (shakes head). A win is a win no matter how it happens, don't apologize for it.

Again, parents, people, administrators, grow up.

UPDATE 1/26/09

The head coach of the team that won, was fired today. Mainly because he didn't agree with the administrators about apologizing for the blowout win. The guy even said, he respectfully disagreed with the idea of apologizing. If anyone should be let go, as stated byt some news media guys, it should be the goon that scheduled the basketball. And it has even come out that the team that won, wasn't pressing or anything in the 4th quarter. They only scored 12 points so it's like they were being punks about it. Just dumb all around.

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