Thursday, October 2, 2008


Zombie Rock is it!!!

The owner, Charles Eck of Los Angeles, has an awesome company and knows his stuff. Charles puts 100% style and character into each design. He has actual people model for these pieces of art.Zombie Rock Apparel, combining the gore-tastic, flesh-eating, dead-walking ways of the zombie uprising with the relentless destruction of musical instruments!

Want a t-shirt? Buy 'em at! How 'bout a hoodie? Yeah, they got 'em! All apparel can be purchased through paypal securely and safely. Okay, ya might get a blood splat or two on the shirts, but stains build character, so deal with it scumdogs! Look forward to more freakish designs and the Zombie Rock official website coming soon.

I personally own some Zombie Rock Apperal and would recommend it to anyone. You can catch them everyear at Fangoria.

All Zombie Rock Artwork courtesy of Alex Kozlowski.

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