Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tim Neighbors is "Mr. Talented"

What can you say about Tim Neighbors? I could say a lot. Such as:

  • Good Friend

  • Great Singing Voice

  • Creative

  • Smart

  • He Whistled At My Mom Once

  • Cheap Date

  • Party Animal

  • Disease Free
But in all seriousness, I have known Tim for over 10 years (since high school). Tim is a very creative, smart and has a gift. The gift of music. I like to say he has "honey in his voice". He currently is the front man for two, yes two bands in the L.A. area. I have personally heard both the bands live and let me tell you, they ROCK!!!! I personally recommend you check out their websites (shown below), check out some samples and catch a show.

Along with being the front man for two bands, he also did a documentary called "Enter The Cage", has worked at the Oscars the last several years, been in the recording and sound studios editing and creating, and worked as an extra on a couple of low to mid budget movies.