Friday, October 3, 2008

PURE ENTERTAINMENT #1 Place For Nightlife In Sacramento

"No B.S. Just Pure Entertainment"

PURE entertainment is an executive promoting company based out of Sacramento, Ca (Northern California). Their business is to DO business by providing emmense traffic flow to venues and/or resturants using their expert promotional services.

Pure Entertainment is known for their great organizational skills, the ability to construct premire parties (both public and private), club parties, special events, and special networking skills. And don't forget about the professional style pictures!

Since their inception in early 2007 by the one and only Philip Isidro, they have promoted at venues in the greater Sacramento area such as Barcode Ultra Lounge, Paradise Junction, The Station Ultra Lounge, Zokku, Azukar, Avalon, Tokyo Fro's Sushi Bar, Dragonfly, Club 21, and Zinfadel Grille.
PURE Entertainment has also in partnered in great causes such as the "I Am Filam" and Breast Cancer walks.

I have personally known Philip Isidro for a few years now and even worked with him on some of his promotions and with his knack for promoting, the drive he posses to be the best, along with the passion he puts behind each one of his events, why wouldn't you go with him and PURE Entertainment? The choice is clear.
If you are interested in using or joining PURE Entertainment, please feel free to contact them at



Couldn't of said it better myself! Good look Trig my Nig


My other comment mustve gotten deleted. Anyway, couldn't of said it better myself. Good look Trig My Nig...!