Thursday, October 16, 2008

Funny Thing About "Joe The Plumber"...

Real Name isn't Joe. It's Samuel J. Wurzelbacher

He doesn't own his own plumbing business, but works for one. But technically cannot be called one because the state of Ohio requires them to have a license and neither does "Joe" or his employer have one. Can't you get arrested for working without a license? Here in California you can and they do.

And Obama was quoted as saying he wants "Joe" to "...spread the wealth...". So that means, Obama wants to take more of your/my hard earned money and give it to others. First of all, I want more money in pocket and why should I spread the wealth around, when my tax dollars already doesn't go to half the crap I/we vote on in the first place?? I'm a victim of the current economic crisis right now and I could use all I can get.

And another thing, how can this guy be talking and worrying about how much he's going to be taxed, when in his life, he's had 2 tax liens against him and the most recent one is still outstanding for over $1,100. That means he still hasnt taken care of his 2007 taxes. Nice.

Gotta love how most of the media is left-winged and everyone is getting so ga-ga over this story.

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