Thursday, October 16, 2008

Beyonce, Quit Stealing Other People's Material!

It's been reported many many times in the past that Beyonce and her team of mangers are creatively challenged, so they often resort to stealing material and ideas from others who came before them or from new singers and songwriters who have no power to stop them. Oh hey have you heard her new song, "If I Were A Boy"?

Fox News says...
The story behind "If I Were a Boy" is absolutely scandalous … the young woman who wrote the melody and lyrics had no idea Beyonce had even recorded her song until a stranger called with the news. By then, it was too late. BC Jean is a hot, up-and-coming, 21-year-old female singer songwriter from San Diego. Those who’ve met her says she’s smart and "gorgeous" (but) she and her manager/mother have been strong-armed by Beyonce’s people and others who saw gold in "If I Were a Boy" and didn’t care how they got it. BC Jean wrote and recorded about a dozen songs with German pop-factory producer Toby Gad for an album … when the deal fell apart, Gad took the songs and started marketing them to big name, established artists. When I wrote about Beyonce’s version of "If I Were a Boy" last week … plenty of people knew the saga of Beyonce’s manager/father Mathew Knowles’ aggressive pursuit of the publishing rights to the potential hit record. His goal was to get the rights to the song and to put Beyonce’s name on the writing credits.

And from

I don't get why the law is so helpless in situations like this. Beyonce raped this girl and is gonna get away with it because she's rich. Not literally of course. I shouldn't have said "rape". People throw that word around too loosely, IMO. Especially the prosecutors in my case. Why can't we call it, "an unrequited love affair". See? Doesn't that sound better?

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